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PT. BARATA INDONESIA was established in 1971, under the name of PT. BARATA METALWORKS & ENGINEERING as a merger between :


  1. PN. BARATA formerly NV BRAAT Machinefabriek, established in 1901 providing maintenance services for sugar plants and to manufacture bridges and other steel construction.
  2. PN. SABANG MERAUKE, formerly Machinefabriek & Scheepswerf NV. MOLENVLIET, established in 1920 specializing in maintenance services for the other plantation industry and production of coaster and lighter;
  3. PN. PEPRIDA, a Government owned company established in 1962 to provide construction services for basic industry projects.


In the beginning, the head office of PT. BARATA INDONESIA was in Surabaya with total area 6.7 Ha at Ngagel street, but from time to time this area was growth to solid downtown. Considering for development to the future expansion where we required the availability of broader area, PT. BARATA INDONESIA decided to relocate all of it facilities to Gresik in 2004 up to 2005 with available area 22 Ha.